Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whatever: canceled plans

We have an unexpected night off tonight.
As much as it sounds like whining about being popular, 
we have been busy every weekend day and almost every night since school started. 
So, a night off is huge. 
We partied like rockstars 
(or parents of rockstars who have to be home early enough to get the rockstars  to rehearsal)
last night with our friends.
Good looking crew...
Today we have only one soccer, play rehearsal and I have to get a run in at some point.
But...after about 3pm, 
We have 

Actually we have a to-do list a mile long.
I have  not touched a paintbrush in over 6 weeks. 
Our grass could us a run over with the mower (the 5 blades of grass we have are tallish).
The kitchen floor is a weird color and sticky.
The dogs both are very stinky. 
But we don't HAVE to do anything and more importantly, we don't HAVE to go anywhere.

I am almost giddy.

I think I will bake some bread and make this soup. I will also make a veggie version of it, which will take at least two hours, if I am lucky. We might build a fire. A movie could get watched.
The options are limitless.

Amazing what one canceled plan will do for your psyche.

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