Saturday, October 8, 2011

Whatever: I finally got my third baby!

You have read about my love of the Ikea before.
Ikea is a magical store. My children love going there and do not act like maniacs while we are there.
They actually find it fascinating that you can have cool style and live in 186 square feet.
Yesterday, we made a trip there and instead of our usual leisurely stroll, we went through it rather quickly.
We were on a mission. A mission of dreams finally fulfilled...for me!
My new baby that I have dreamed about, searched for and loved from afar. 
A slip covered white sofa. 
Yes, it is indeed the little things.
My dream of the white sofa started with Rachel Ashwell...long, long ago.
Hello, Rachel

I read all her books and dreamed of a white sofa, while I was pregnant with my first daughter. We had a Jack Russell terrier and a mastiff at the time. And a futon.

I had my doubts about how a white sofa would hold up. So,we bought a denim sofa as I was highly influenced by Eddie Bauer home store that it would age like our favorite jeans. The sofa aged alright, like jeans that are worn many times and never washed. I faded weird spots on it trying to get random dog eye gunk and kid graham cracker funk off it.

We moved up to leather in our den and it was not my choice. However, it was an excellent choice, made by my husband. After ten years, except for the cat scratches (Thanks, Hagrid!) it looks newish.
Kids and dogs cannot destroy leather at the rate of denim I found out.

Plus, it is comfy.

perfect for napping...

We have lived without furniture in our living room off and on for 10 years. There have been chairs that I fully intend to recover and my mom made one white slipcover for one of them before my sewing machine gave up  the ghost. Every time my brother-in-law comes over, he says "Your house looks so great, except the living room which looks like no one uses it".  Yep, that is correct. Well, it was good for learning how to ride a tricycle a few years back.

But we want to use it. Our fireplace is there and our piano is there. The newspaper would be well read in there as it gets great morning light.

So, after years of wanting this

 I got this..

Based on several of my friends experiences (namely her), I got the better one.
Less of an investment and super sturdy. Easily washed and well crafted.

Kids, dogs and cats better back it up, though. 
 I have waited a long time for this baby!

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