Monday, March 11, 2013

Cooking: We made it

We survived...barely.
 The week was long and tiring, but extremely rewarding.
My partner was unfortunately in extreme back pain the first few days of our sale
 and she was unable to lift anything, so I did all of the heavy lifting during drop off.
 I was worn OUT! 
We did 10,12 and 8 hour days in a row and were pooped! 
The weather was horrible (wind, snow, sleet and fog) and
 our landlord kept turning off the heat. 41 degrees in our store one morning. Yikes!

But, the sale was a success. We had customers who were troopers
and never complained. We saw many of our original
 consignors from almost ten years ago and
we found many new moms and new consignors at our sale.
 So lovely to see them all.

Busy every day and exhausted by the weekend,
 we both got to do something fun Sunday.
I watched my youngest play lacrosse for the first time.
 Exciting and exhilarating as she almost scored two goals
and informed us that she loves lacrosse "SO MUCH!"

Then we met friends for dinner and half price sangria at our favorite taco joint.
Hilarity ensued with said lacrosse player entertaining us all.
check out the artist
This week I am playing catch up (laundry is almost done today) and finishing up the financials of our sale. Then I might, just might play hooky one day and do nothing!
Yeah, right! 

PS. This song has been in my head for three days.  You are welcome.

Casa Swann Back to Normal Menu
  • Oven bbq chicken, Greek Salad, chili cornbread 
  • Spinach quiche, bacon quiche
  • Baked meatballs, Zucchini lasagna
  • Pork Tenderloin (oven), oven roasted sweet potatoes, white beans and tomatoes
  • Hamburgers

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