Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dirt: The time, it flies

I have a love hate relationship with old photos.

I love seeing how adorable my kids were and how well I have aged (such a better hair cut now). But the downside is my kids are getting older and I am too.

Being reminded of my own mortality is sometimes overwhelming.

My kids are a constant reminder that I am indeed getting older. 
And while I don't mind aging, as the alternative is not so great, it does sort of bother me in the "death is creeping closer" kind of way.

My oldest recently registered for high school and that was a little bit of a gut punch. 


Four years and she will be getting ready to graduate. My baby is finishing up her first year of middle school and that makes me feel better. Middle school lasts FOREVER..


As I think about birthdays (Ellie's) and babies turning into teens, I am happy that I have these pictures and the memories that go along with them. If only I could slow it down a bit. 

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