Friday, March 1, 2013


After yesterday's rant...a nicer post and a link to some cool bloggers.

life rearranged
Linking up means I am trying to take more photos of my daily life...
 which includes really cute girls in a fun stage of their lives. I will miss this stage like I miss all the others whose time have come and gone.

I drive past this statue at least twice a day. I love him.

We had a great week. 
Friday night, Ellie went to a dance (the first one since she started  middle school). Of course, she and her besties had to all get ready together. I have two sisters, I totally get that.

Saturday, the Belle and I went and watched the varsity team play lacrosse. I have no clue about lacrosse, so I was eager to watch a game. Our girls were flying back and forth across that field, and I still have no clue.

After that, Ellie wanted to hit the thrift shop. We found a big coat, but did not buy it as it was out of our price range. But pretty sweet if you ask me. We did not pop tags. No crime spree for us.

My parents were still here and my dad and I started a fire, which has become a Swann Saturday tradition. Steve came home and took it over, but Daddy and I started it!

The weather was gorgeous, but cold, which is way better than this weekend's prediction of ugly and cold.  I am so ready for summer it is not funny. I wore flip flops all this week despite the damp cold, hoping to bring it on. No luck.

This week was a busy week but we broke it up by going to tell a joke at the local doughnut shop to get free doughnuts. 

After a week of   practices, teacher meetings, and of course, a dance recital it was a well deserved reward.

Delaney started dancing after swim season ended and we were very impressed with what we saw. 
Talented for sure.

Now, it is freezing and all I want to do it take a nap. However, my consignment sale is next week and my partner is a gimp, so Steve is being sweet enough to help me unload all the racks from our storage unit and haul them up the mountain. The things we do for love.

If I wasn't doing that, I would be doing what the animals of my house are doing...

 Instead, I am going to enjoy my warm house when I get back and my newest piece of art that I got at the girl's school fundraiser.

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