Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gratituesday: My Grandmomma

As I travel through this life, I have come to the realization that I am lucky.
I have known all of my grandparents and have one who is still living. 
I say often that I am who I am because of my grandmothers. 
The last remaining grandparent is my grandmother, Mary.
I call her Grandmomma.

She called me Saturday to see what I was doing.This was a big deal because in the past year, I have spoken to her four times. She does not have an answering machine and catching her is a trick. She is a "people person" and seems to always be out and about in her retirement center playing games or visiting. She also goes to church three times a week without fail, so those days are out as well. I have also found if i catch her later in the day, she is a little confused, so I try to call earlier. Catch 22 as that is her social time.

I tower over her and have since I was about 11 years old. She is about 4'8" now, but at one point was a whopping 4'10". Small in stature, but huge in heart and determination, she was the epitome of church lady. She was my grandfather's partner in life and business for over 45 years and also was the church secretary off and on until three years ago. 
She is 84 years old.

I can't say enough about what a positive influence she has had on my life. Even as an adult. When I last visited her, she told me that she and my grandfather almost split up early in their marriage because of how he spoke to her. I was floored. But it made me feel better about my own marriage and the fact that sometimes it is difficult. She practices a lifelong belief that being positive will allow you to get through anything. She did not have an easy childhood or adulthood,but you would never know it if you met her on the street. She always steps up to whatever the challenge with a happy heart and a smile on her face. Her faith, she says is her source of strength. Why be sad, ever, if you know you are going to heaven.

I try to emulate that in my daily life, for I too believe that you can get through anything if you have a positive attitude. Life is hard, but someone else always has it harder.

I am so grateful that I have her and that I am daily in her prayers. She loves me like no one else on this planet does and when she is gone, I will feel that loss completely.  Until then, I will continue to try to catch her on the phone and hopefully go see her soon. And emulate her in my daily life.

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