Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dirt: The list review

Uhm...Hello!  Where did the month go?
Seriously, it was just March 1st and tomorrow is the 15th. WHAT?

Another kid turning 12?
March is always a weird month. Cold, windy, damp and usually full of freezing practices and lots of plans for summer. My baby girl's birthday is in March. She and I are Summer sisters. We loathe the Spring weather and long for the 90's of Summer. Yep. We are Spring Haters. 

Our favorite the summer

This month has been busy. My excellent partner found us a space to have our seasonal consignment sale and BOOM! we had three weeks to get the ball rolling, people signed up and actually set up and take in our inventory. Three weeks, when usually we have six. We did it. We rocked a shorter marketing time, a shorter sale and still had an increase in sales. We are professionals, folks, don't try this at home. Actually, do try it! Our business if for sale, all set up and ready for someone to step in and take it over!

Now, we move on to what we do best. Being moms who have involved kids. Hers are lacrosse and soccer stars, with a little gymnastics and band thrown in for good measure and mine are track, dance and lacrosse stars as well. (Stars may be a stretch, but they are my babies and I think they are stars.) We are also going back to our other "real" jobs. She has a glamorous job and mine is less so, but one that I enjoy very much. Life is good.

I also am going back to working on my lists. The home project list gets longer every day. The working on myself list is always in flux. I am always finding ways I need to change to grow. My theory is that if we stop growing (up), we die. So, home projects and Tanya projects, here I come!

  1. Cut the laziness out of our family's life: My family took a hiatus while I was working last week...but we are back on the straight and narrow.
  2. Stop cursing: Gave that S@#T up already. I just have a filthy mouth.
  3. Drink more water. Check.Really seeing a difference here.
  4. Be a better friend: I have gotten lazy in my friendships and my mental status shows it.  Have spent more time with a friend or two. But this is a work in progress for sure.
  5. Put myself out there for God. Still fighting this.
  6. Read  100 books. Have read 10.
  7. Do a creative project a month. SUCKING
  8. Exercise with a purpose.  Last week was a ZERO, but three workouts this week.
  9. Teach my baby girl to cook. No time. 
  10. Go back to school. Summer or fall.
  11. Finish our list of house projects. Ellie's room, Delaney's room and one door have been painted.
  12. Organize my stuff. Sale cleared out three closets! Cleaned out bathroom cabinets, kitchen drawers and took three more bags to charity.
  13. Stick to a financial plan to pay off all our debt by 2018.  November-February are basically income free months. We are trying to come up with a better plan of action for surviving this.

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  1. We need to set up a 'phone friend date' and catch up! Miss your voice, you're the only person I know who swears 1/2 as much as I do!