Friday, March 22, 2013

Instagram Friday: Spring, making the best of it.

life rearranged 
Linking up again with all the uber talent. 

The weather here in Chatt-town is CA-RA-ZY! 

We had sunshine Sunday and then horrible rain all day Monday. 
Sunday, we drove around the neighborhood, which has become our weekly tradition. She is pretty good for a 13 year old unlicensed driver.

Then went to eat with friends at "our usual restaurant".
 As always it was fun. Ellie even shot a few photos herself. She is so darn creative. Our friends  have the most gorgeous daughters and I like to refer to their entire family as "our blonde friends". Seriously, they look Swedish. I must remember to take a photo of them.

 Track meet was canceled due to rain, hail, lightening and rain. The rain was coming down so hard, it was hitting the windows and back door. Pretty ugly.

Tuesday was gorgeous and windy, we had the track meet and my girl threw that discus and shot like a boss. She is amazing in her determination.

The's on the hurdles.

I spend a lot of time driving around town. Delivering girls and lunches. 
I love our city and it's love of art. I spotted several great pieces just stopped at light. Two that I often forget about and so I was happy to see them.

Speaking of riding in cars. I drive about 550 miles a week, so I drink while I drive. Water that is. 
I bought myself a happy cup to inspire my water intake. So far so good.

Spring break is finally here and to celebrate, the girls and I went to eat at one of our favorite taco restaurants.  Ellie had one of her besties with us. They are a pair, I tell ya.

After tacos, we wandered over to the newest restaurant in the line from Taylor and Mike Monen, the geniuses behind Taco Mammacita, Community Pie,  Urban Stack and now Milk & Honey. We should just hand over my paycheck to them.

 We really spend way to much time at their eateries. 
But, that time is a testament to the excellence of their restaurants. We are foodies and they deliver excellence. Much like my photo skills.

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