Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gratituesday: Lent and my bad attitude

Lent is over in 4 days. 
The period of self reflection and meditation ends with the joyous celebration that Christ is alive.
That fact never ceases to amaze me and fill my heart with joy. 
Christ is alive and because of that I am too.

This has been a Lent of laziness and attitude on my part. 
I have been to church exactly twice. I have not honored my Lenten promise even once (although I did put my rosary in my car.) I have basically had a bad attitude, fighting against myself to avoid doing what I know I should.


But, that is also a little what Easter is about. 
God loving us and our bad attitudes and seeing past the laziness and filth to His creation.
Us. I imagine that God sees me like I see my own kids. Annoying, whiney and full of potential.
That is what keeps me repenting and striving to be worthy and to actually live up to the potential that I don't see, but that He whispers to me when I actually listen.

After a crappy Lent, I am ready for the promise of God's unfailing love if I follow Christ. 
I am grateful for the love that I feel when I listen with my heart instead of listening to my own voice.

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