Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dirt: When your kids are cool(er)

Since Steve and I are so into all kinds of music, we always have something playing. 
Whether it is the car, outside or even the earworm going on in our brains, there is always something playing or being sung at Casa Swann.

So, it is no wonder both of our kids are into music. 
Ellie is less of a concert goer, but she is more into music. Delaney lives to see live music. She has been begging me to take her to Bonnaroo for the past two years.
Next year might be our year (once I figure out a leash system for her). But in the meantime...

Being underage and into cool music that most of their friends have never heard of is really kind of hard. The all ages shows usually do not appeal to them. And while they get that when they are 18 there will be even better bands that they love, it still is hard. 

Next week, one of their favorite bands is coming to Chattanooga. But of course, it is 18 and older. 
So, I got online to see what I could find. 
Free music fest in Atlanta (two hours away). All ages, all good music and of course, outside.
Fun! Fun! Fun!

So, today, we are packing up the truck and heading down to hear music and eat street food.
Perfect Saturday with the family unit if you ask me.

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