Saturday, June 15, 2013

InstaFriday: Cool as we wanna be

life rearranged

 Instagram makes my life look so much cooler than it is! 
Have been hanging out with my mom doing what she loves to do, scour estate sales.
I scored these fancy glasses. Passed up the 8 track tapes, but dang it was tempting.

My newest obsession

 Summer means two things, swim team and good eating.
Salads get a lot more exciting at Casa Swann in the summer.
Swim meets twice a week go so much faster if you have a job to do. 
I like to be a judge. Love getting front row of all the swimmers, from hilarious 8 and unders "diving" off the blocks to the seriously fast seniors flying across the pool. 
My girls are middle of the pack summer swimmers, but love it.

salmon cakes and kitchen sink salad

 Did a crazy thing this week and convinced my reluctant hair dresser to darken my hair.
Right now, it is temporarily darker than it will end up. Which is kind of fun. It's shocking when people see me and I love seeing them try to figure it out.

 My husband is an 80's old wave guy and we went to hear the Psychedelic Furs at our local music festival. They were great, but about 102 years old which was really weird. Pretty in Pink? You bet.

 My girls are finally easing into summer. We have been up every morning and out the door by 7:45, but they come back and relax and goof off. Friends are over watching movies, I have been the chauffeur to the pool and library, and today we are heading off to hear music in Atlanta. 
Perfect, fly by the seat of your pants summer. 
Maybe we are cool.

Check out the really cool Jeannette.

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  1. had to stop by because your name is Tonya like mine!

    and swimming makes life so fun!! truly a blessing!