Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gratituesday: Swimming

This summer, I have watched both my girls swim. 

I love to watch them swim in meets. Not because they win (which they both do sometimes) but because they are doing something, well. Something that I am not good at in the least. 

My girls are my heroes.
One goes to practice when she can, making the most of practices and often demanding that her coach make them harder.The other has been going twice a day, at first by my choice, but now by her own.

I am so grateful for swimming. The skill to swim along with the skill  to push oneself through the next level of ability are priceless lessons. 
PS These are photos of past years...this year I have taken exactly NO photos of my swimmers, with the exception of a quick instagram photo here and there...because I am too involved in actually watching them. It's been great.

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