Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whatever: Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of my husband. 
We have celebrated birthdays together since 1995, when he turned the ripe old age of 26.
I bought him a pizza stone, a pizza paddle and a cookbook about, you guessed it, pizza.
This based on the fact that when I visited him at school in St. Louis, we ate pizza or Italian almost every single day. I figured I had a fair shot at a home run. 

Over the years, I have figured out  lots of things about Steve. 
Mostly that his family did not make huge deals out of most things. 
My family, by contrast, throws a party if you get up to go to the bathroom.
"Surprise! We are still here! "
Somewhere in the middle is how we celebrate his birthday.

I try to come up with something fun. 
He tries to make it hard as hell to buy him anything.
We have cake.

This year is very low key. Swim meet, then drinks with friends.
I made dinner last night and a cake, his mom and my parents came over. 
There were gifts.

Next week, however, we will combine the tournament in his honor "Swannie Cup" with my favorite holiday. I can sneak in my need to celebrate with his need to not. 


Happy Birthday to truly my favorite person.
You make me laugh, make me think, and impress me with your feats of strength.
I am so glad you were born.

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