Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exercising: A revelation

I had a revelation of sorts today. 
Actually, I knew it already, but I am so hard headed that it took about 500 times for me to commit it to fact. The revelation is this: I cannot exercise without a goal.

Simple and yet, my stubborn ass could not really grasp said simple fact. 
I have been shunning running because I basically just did not want to run. 
But today, I felt like running. So I decided to run a loop while my kids were at practice. 

The past 5 weeks I have exercised every day religiously. I signed up for a bikini boot camp and have  stuck with the routine (with the exception of Tuesday because I had a stomach bug). 
When I have a mental check list (light bulb #1!) I actually relish checking items off the list. 
When I have a plan and a set of steps to accomplish it, I can visualize getting it done (light bulb #2). 

When I am most productive, I have usually have goals/ a  lists of what I want to get done.
Go figure working out should be the same.
* both pictures are from the archives of a Tennessee tradition and can be found here.

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