Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gratituesday: A girl's best

*This is a late post as I was crazy running around all day yesterday.

In a girl's life, there are several constants that know  her secrets.
Her sisters, if she has them.

 Her  best friends. 

Her  hair dresser.

My hairdresser has been my constant for at least 8 years. (Neither of us can remember when I started coming to her). I have followed her to three salons and trust her completely.

When I started seeing her, I had been in the process of growing my hair out...for 5 years!
I would get frustrated when it got to that awkward phase and have whomever was cutting my hair chop it off. Over and over again.

I sat in Monica's chair and told her I wanted to grow it out. She looked me in they eye and said "If you are serious, and only if you are serious, I will help you grow your hair out." So, I told her I was serious and two years later, I had truly long hair.

I love her almost as much as my husband. Literally. 

She is a great hairdresser. She listens and remembers about my hair, my kids, my husband. 
She always makes sure I really want whatever it is I have asked for, sometimes refusing to do whatever it is (bangs took two years before she would do them and I am growing them out.)

Yesterday, she went against her better judgement for the first time I can remember (I am sure there were other times and she just kept it quiet) and dyed my hair dark. I know she is expecting me to be unhappy about it, but I actually like the change.

Monica took my request and made it pretty.

I am not necessarily a vane person. I don't spend money on clothes, barely wear makeup, hardly keep up with trends, never get my nails done, and I barely brush my hair. But, I believe that good color and a good hair cut can make being lazy about the other stuff alright.
I am so lucky to have such a great hairdresser in my life.  One who makes me feel special and pretty, who listens and and administers tough love, and who really cares about her craft. 
Today, on Gratituesday, I am grateful for Monica Sax, hairdresser extraordinaire.

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