Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gratituesday: My parents bought the farm

My parents recently bought an 80 acre farm an hours drive from me.
This means several things. One, my parents are nearby now and I can see them pretty much whenever I want. Something that is pretty significant as they have been "on the road" for 5 years and I usually saw them maybe twice a year. Second, it means my kids are around them more. Which they need and also really love.
Third, they have a FARM! Where I love being.


I have gone on and on about my grandparents and how much they meant to me growing up. 
Being around them was really special. Even though I went through the typical teenage thing of being way too cool for my grandfathers, I still gained a lot from being around them. I have great memories of washing cars , learning the right way to get on a roof and of course, to say the blessing in Latin. 

Delaney and Ellie both have said numerous times that they are glad to have Grandma and Grandpa around "all the time". They came and watched them dance at May Day and to Delaney's celebration recently. Also, they were at Ellie's birthday dinner and got to meet her besties.
I am glad they will get to spend time at the farm, being bored enough to talk to their grandparents.
 They really love driving the mower at the farm. It is the little things after all.

My sister lives in Ohio and being so far away from  the rest of her family,  is really hard. 
I  think the hardest was  when she couldn't come to see Mom and Dad when she needed a family recharge. Now, at least some of the time, we have a family "home base". 

Growing up as I did with lots of family around, tons of cousins at Easter and Christmas and really loud family gatherings, I have often wished we had more kids. Having my parents here with the opportunity to have some of that camaraderie. Hopefully, my siblings will follow them.

I am grateful for all of my family, both sides of my kids grandparents, and especially that my parents now are close.

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