Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dirt: having fun with the one you came with

My husband and I got the biggest compliment Sunday.
We were hanging out with a family that is one of our favorites. The couple are truly our most fun friends and we see them almost weekly.
The compliment came from the husband, whom we both love and  who usually does not have a serious bone in his body. Jokes, he has a few.
However, in a moment of rare seriousness he told us that one of the things he likes about us is our ability to have fun with each other, as a couple.

Now, he had seen us on Friday night dressed like this

Typical Friday night

dancing like crazy fools.

But he has know us for almost ten years and has seen us in our ups and our downs, so it came as a huge compliment.

We work hard in our marriage.  As children of divorce, our eyes were wide open going in with the knowledge that marriage is not a cakewalk. Even with that knowledge, it has been unbelievably hard sometimes to "delight in each other". Stresses and bumps in the road, we have had a few.
We have always been able to right our wagon and keep going.

In the  pouring down rain at Crabtree Farms
  I credit our friendship and the genuine "like" that goes along with  it for that.
When I think of all the people I want to hang out with, or share a funny story, or even just have a drink with, my husband is the first one that comes to mind.
Central Park

No one makes me belly laugh like he does.

Go Cubs!
And even though he makes me madder than a wet hen sometimes (a feeling that  is mutual, I assume),
I am thankful everyday that I married the life of the party.

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