Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holla!/ Grateful (two for one)

We survived...barely!
I think Thanksgiving is so great, but my stomach cannot bear more than a few days of it.
We had a blast with the NC contingency. Ate, shot guns, broke up a dog fight and hiked. All the things you should do when you go to the back woods of North Carolina.


My hottie husband

Joe College

Paul, the chef

Trash talking and shooting guns go hand in hand. photo of me with the gun...
only girls take pictures, apparently and I was the only girl around.

We came home Friday night. Saturday was a blur of online shopping and relaxing. (I know it was as strenuous as it sounds.) Muppets were seen, dinner was eaten at one of our favorite spots and we came home to weirdly working electrical outlets. Luckily, Dad was here and it was diagnosed and fixed by  noon on Sunday.

It rained and flooded in my neck of the woods, so I have been huddled in front of the computer shopping and avoiding looking around at the pit my house has become. Lovely.

Still have not done much about the pit, but dinners have been planned and I am looking forward to the week. I am GRATEFUL for an awesome family of people who are fun and adventurous.
Love you guys!
Love these guys (and girl)!

Hiking gives me bad bangs!

Casa Swann Meals on Wheels

Spaghetti Squash with garlic shrimp
frozen pizza and birthday cake (swim meet)
Chicken gumbo and Vegetable soup
Grilled fish, roasted brocolli, salad with apples and almonds
Chili pie

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