Monday, November 14, 2011

Food: Junkie

All weekend, all I wanted to do was make fattening foods.
Cookies, enchiladas, cheese soup (which I do not like) all called my name.
What is wrong with me? Well, I was hungry!
Instead we ate out several times, including at one of the best (and tiniest) taco places in Chattanooga.
Loyal customers from the Chattanooga market will know the Taqueria Jalisco is truly amazing.
I ate a chalupa and a pupusa, drank a Mexican soda, tried rice water and ate my weight in quacamole.
Then had tortilla soup for dinner, just to finish it up.
Sunday, we ate at Willy's in Atlanta. If you are ever  in Atlanta, eat at Willy's. A chain that is delicious. And, Mexican of course. For dinner I ate gingerbread. The weekend was great!

Now, I am off to a good start with eggs and gingerbread for breakfast. 
I am a junkie. I cannot stop. If it is there, I have to finish all of it.
So, we will eat better the rest of the week. 
As long as no one opens the candy cane Joe Joes (Oreo like cookies from Trader Joe's). 
Then all bets are off.

Casa Swann Menu

Chili with corn muffins
Chicken sandwiches/ chickpea burgers, zucchini and salad
Salmon, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes
Enchiladas (chicken and spinach)

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