Monday, November 7, 2011

The List: November

Well...I know it is November 7th, but I was a little busy last week what with all the candy I had to eat and running this.
Half of team Pacers and Chasers!

Here it is, one month away from the end of the year... I cannot believe it!
My blogging has been sporadic, but as someone who is scatterbrained about 60% of the time...
I think I did well.
  I find myself thinking of things to blog about... 
like getting a new refrigerator or doing 100 loads of laundry.
Mostly, I have found it very cathartic and truly inspiring when others comment on my mundane posts. 

Here is The List Update for November!

BIG LIST  2011
#1 Eat less sugar : Ha ha ha ha 
#2 Cook a new ethnicity once a week: Rocked this!
#3 Paint the doors and trim in my house: still working on it...MILES of trim I tell ya!
#4 Read 100 books: 47!
#5 Find inner peace : Had it...lost it...looking again!
#6 Learn 60 Bible verses Gave up after about 10.
#7 Get a new hairstyle  (check!)
#8 Reduce my carbon foot print : Noticed we have about three bags of garbage a week. Great! Noticed we have about double the recycling everyone on our street has. Not Great! Electric bill is a lot lower! Great! Gas bill...still the same. Not great!
#9 Reduce my spending: This has been really successful this year. I am actually excited about my progress.
#10 love more : I have had several encounters with my temper lately. I have had lots of opportunities to ask for forgiveness...does that count?
#11 Train for a half marathon: Ran one this weekend, plus 5.5 extra miles...granted it took me 30  hours!
#12 learn to swim: Did it! So happy!
# 13 Embrace my inner craftiness: refinished a desk for my daughter. check!

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