Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Grace by Eric Enstrom

This painting was in my grandparent's dining room for as long I can remember. I loved a lot of things about it, like the fact he was eating soup. 
As an adult,whenever I see it, I think of my Pepaw saying Grace.
He was awesome at saying a really good (long) Grace.

Here is a really good, long one for today.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thank you, Lord of the Universe,
      for all the gifts
      you always offer me.
Thank you for all I receive:
      for the water that washes me,
      for the clothes I wear,
      for the bread that sustains me.
For my dwelling and my parents,
      for my sisters and brothers,
      and for my friends.
For the knowledge gained from striving,
      and for the toils of each day.
For the good mornings that have dawned upon me,
      for the light that shines upon me,
      and for the handshakes that link me to others.
For the time you have allotted me,
      for the life you have offered me,
      and for the blessings of each new day.
Thanks you for being with me, Lord,
      for listening to me,
      and for taking me seriously.
Thank you even for receiving today’s thank you.
Thank you, Lord, thank you very much.

 (From the Ithaca College Website)

And  to start you off on the feeding frenzy...

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