Monday, January 28, 2013

Cooking: What normal looks like

Busy week. Seems to be the theme of my (and everyone's ) lives.
I read somewhere that you should never make excuses for not getting things done because you are "too busy". Great advice. Everyone is busy.  Moms, dads, singles, married couples, kids...we all have a lot on our plates and with the exception of kids and school, we choose what goes on there. 

So, essentially,  I am busy this week doing things I want/have to do. My sisters and parents are coming into town for Delaney's Rite of Confirmation and I want to clean and have a few more projects done before they come. Delaney has swim practice, dance practice, a swim banquet, and both girls have school and homework galore. There is the Wednesday night run, a Thursday night swim parent meeting, work, workouts and  basically, our normal.

As I drove home this morning from dropping the girls off, I did my mental list of everything that I want to get done and how I am going to do it all. 
Probably won't get it all done, but like everyone who has kids and a job, I will prioritize and do what I can. The one that never changes is my routine. As I have said in the past, routine allows me to get the important things done and fit in all the other things and even some fun.

Life is Busy @ Casa Swann Menu
    • Chicken/ black bean chalupas
    • Swim banquet
    • Old school lasagna and Greek salad
    • Kitchen sink salad/ chicken soup
Last week, I had room for The Moth Ball with two of my very closest girlfriends. 
We donned old formal dresses and off we went. I initially wanted to wear my wedding dress, but after my oldest tried it on, I decided that it needed to stay home, safe in it's Fort Knox of boxes. 
Instead I wore and old costume and my denim jacket from high school (which my daughter now wears). Lovely? Probably not. Fun? Yes! 

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