Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gratituesday: Two for one

I am a day late (always a dollar short). 
But, I was super busy yesterday with work and mom stuff, so today's post is two-fer!

I am painting Ellie's room. She is long over due some fun in her room and so Sunday I started in on it. Turns out, it needs a lot of work. Baseboards, chair rail and the walls all need attention as well as the doors. For now, I am painting walls three different colors, including chalkboard!
Photos later this week.

Inspiration photo

I have to squeeze the painting in around laundry, groceries, cooking and work. 
Work is the thing that I am most grateful for, and as an offshoot of that, prayers answered. 
I asked God to bless me with 10 courier deliveries a week. 
Last week. 10
This week already? 4, with three scheduled tomorrow and one on Thursday. 
I am not sure if I actually said the number 10 in my prayers, but I did pray asking for enough to make a difference. 10 makes a difference and 10 was what I had in my head as the number I needed to do.

Life is crazy, we have doubts about God and whether He is listening. 
I pray daily at least "Thanks". I am terrible at communicating with my friends. I am a mostly introverted person and putting myself outside of my head is hard. Talking to God is the same.
But, I know that I am better off when I do. And I know nothing is too small, ever. 

So my gratefulness and full heart are prayers answered.

I am cooking like crazy still. We are eating hot foods and enjoying the cool sunshine.

Menu for the Sunshine Week @  Casa Swann

  • Manhattan Chowder with shrimp and cod
  • Soup from the freezer ( chicken and southwest veggie)
  • BBQ chicken, spinach salad with pears and parm, baked sweet potatoes
  • DALS Pork (mama's going to the Moth Ball!)

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