Monday, January 7, 2013

Cookng: Back at it

Monday! Monday! Monday!
 Life in the Swann house has gotten back to our regularly scheduled program of school and work. We have three swim meets in the next 13 days, including the middle school championships. I had jury duty this morning, but ended up just being an alternate. I was actually relieved, but a little bit disappointed to not get called to serve my community. 
Oh, time.
We are eating on the run this week as we cram in last practices, this movie, and lots of back to school homework. I made pork ragu this weekend for the carni folk and they have it two thumbs up. As I wasn't sure what my situation was going to be today, I am making a soup out of the rest of  it.

My gorgeous crock pot will be making an appearance and we will be having breakfast for dinner one night as well. I am loving squash right now, so my family will be super pleased to know that squash is on the menu (they cringe when I tell them).  And as I am still feeling under the weather, I will be eating as much garlicky broth as possible.

On a non food note...was the entire population of 30/40 somethings watching Downton Abbey last night? I loved the show that was on before it, but didn't catch the name of it.
Nerd Alert!

Casa Swann back to the old grind stone menu

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