Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dirt: Reminder to get to work

So, one of the items on my list is finish house project list.

That is such a daunting task, as the list never is really fully checked off.
old houses...settle

We redid our guest room last year, refinished the stairs, painted the walls in our kitchen, den, dining, living room, guest bedroom and both halls, redid our kitchen counter tops, tiled the back splash , installed a new sink and fixed a lot of the dry wall in our bedroom. 

glorious parquet...three whole steps

No curtains and lots of kids...always lots of kids


Once those things were off the list more were added, some stemming from the finishing of the others.
For years I kept a list on the fridge of things that needed to be done. 
When we got a new fridge, I decided I like the empty, clean look of a  note free fridge, so the list disappeared. So, I need to make a new one.
Several "fun" projects are going to be added to the not so fun list of home repairs, home preservation, etc. I want to paint a chalk board inside my spice cabinet so I can make my grocery list. Also on the list is finishing the chalk board wall in Ellie's room. We like to doodle a lot here at Casa Swann and so we have chalk boards everywhere. I am considering one in the downstairs bathroom as well, as the best humor is potty humor...get it?
Anyway, as lists are always a work in progress, here is the beginning of the 2013 home project list. 
  1. Paint and install the three pieces of trim  on the stairs
  2. Paint the ceiling in the upstairs hall (it is green)
  3. Fix the hole in the wall in the girl's bathroom where the towel rack came out of the wall
  4. Replace/paint the registers in the downstairs and upstairs
  5. Paint the downstairs ceilings
  6. Finish painting the trim downstairs
  7. Paint the following doors: Delaney's, Ellie's ,downstairs bathroom, both hall closets downstairs
  8. new roof
  9. repair gutters
  10. Replace and paint facia
  11. replace windows (that is a 2013/2014/2015 project: 24 windows...most custom sizes)
  12. paint chalkboard in Ellie's room
  13. paint chalkboard in kitchen
  14. repaint cabinets in master bath
  15. paint master bedroom
  16. repaint deck railing 
  17. strip and repaint back door
  18. repaint front steps (color is too blue)
  19. repair and repaint shed
  20. finish electrical repairs
  21. Paint Delaney's room
  22. Paint Ellie's room
  23. Paint downstairs bathroom (doesn't need it I just am over the color)
  24. retile downstairs bathroom
  25. retile master bathroom

Oh, the joy of owning a house that was built in 1925.

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