Thursday, January 10, 2013

Exercising: What is that?

I have taken a more *AHEM* lenient attitude towards exercising.
I have been hoping this would happen so I have an excuse
I am uninspired in my path to fitness.
I am over running all the time. I do not love my gym. 
As I drove around in my car today, making deliveries, taking my kids to school and the orthodontist, I starting thinking about my exercise habits in the past.
What am I missing?

I used to belong to a different gym. I loved that gym, mostly because it was in my routine to go there, but because it suited me. We left after it got to be too expensive. 
While I was a member there, I started running, trained for a marathon, got fit for several ski trips and met one of my besties.  
My new gym has it's perks. Great parking, easy access, decent machines and weights. But no besties. 
Now, I could join my husband's crossfit gym to work out with friends. But the injuries I see coming out of there turns me off. Also, I am not into that whole competitive lean. I like to be anonymous.
What to do? 

I want to get back into my old routine of working out everyday. I want to thrive and improve on my overall fitness. I don't want to hurt myself or pay through the nose to get there. 

I have started once again keeping a fitness journal and have logged three workouts this week and will be heading for my fourth after I finish this post. I am considering going for  a run as it is quick and relatively easy. I need something to inspire me, however.
What will it be? A bikini? A goal? 

Not really sure.

What are you doing to keep yourself inspired to keep fit?

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  1. my friends are getting curious about this climbing thing. A girls climbing night is in the works. interested?