Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dirt: I need a list...

Holla, holla, holla, life goes on
Long after the days of living are gone
-G. Love

Well, the days of living are still here, but life goes on and in January, it seems to pick up speed after the relatively lazy days of Christmas break.
Back to school went the girls today and so I am taking down decorations, grocery shopping and scavenging all the candy wrappers from the couch cushions.

The next few weeks are busy for us. Three swim meets, orthodontist appointments, jury duty, work, the last few weeks of confirmation classes, and who knows what else.

As a family we are making a few "resolutions" to follow through with this year.  As I said before, I am  not a huge fan of resolutions. So, I am going back to 2011's practice of a monthly list of goals I want to accomplish. Things I want to do to better myself and continue to grow as a person.
Here is my January 2013 version of 
  1. Cut the laziness out of our family's life: We are a lazy bunch. Parents included.
  2. Stop cursing: Momma has gotten a little too salty lately.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Be a better friend: I have gotten lazy in my friendships and my mental status shows it. 
  5. Put myself out there for God. *GULP* I said it. Now I have to follow through with it.
  6. Read  100 books. 2012 got me only 45 (62 in 2011)
  7. Do a creative project a month. 12 projects seems a little more defined than previous years of being crafty. This month...crotchet.
  8. Exercise with a purpose. Not running and having something to train for is going to be tough. Instead, I am going to start spin class and yoga. Maybe I can unlock some of this stiffness caused by being 41 and a runner for all these years.
  9. Teach my baby girl to cook. Ellie has shown interest and I am going to jump on that. 
  10. Go back to school. Summer or fall.
  11. Finish our list of house projects. Painting trim and ceilings are #1 and #2.
  12. Organize my stuff.
  13. Stick to a financial plan to pay off all our debt by 2018.
One of my coolest friends from my college years challenged everyone to not make resolutions ( I knew I liked you Kevin) but instead to make a plan for 2018 would look like and go for it.
2018 will be the second semester of my oldest daughter's freshman year of college and my youngest daughter's junior year of high school. Steve and I will be 48 and 46 years old.
What in the world will be going on in our lives?
Other than the fact that I would like to be debt free and ready for two in college, I am not sure what to plan for. Wild.
So, I leave you with that acorn planted as I go off to ponder it myself.

Life goes on.

5 and a half years ago...

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