Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Whatever: Happy 2013

Happy New Year!

Whew Doggie...this one is gonna be a great one if my New Year's Eve is any indication!

Not really a new year's eve kinda girl...but we had tickets to see Old Crow Medicine Show at the Ryman this year. The evening was one of those that either was going to make or break us.

We had the following go wrong or at least not according to plan:
#1 We left Chattanooga late
#2 The restaurant we planned on eating that DOES NOT take reservations, took them on New Year's Eve ONLY. (They were full, of course).
#3 I bought the wrong tights.
#4 The restaurant we decided last minute to go to was in East Nashville (East Nasty for those of you who are Nashvillians) and there was NO GETTING a cab to leave.
#5 Ticket Master would not sell us two tickets together. We had seats in different sections 6 rows apart.
#6 It rained. Hard.
#7 There were NO CABS.

Steve, Roy, Minni and me

Best New Year's Eve we have had in 18 years of having them together. 
One of the best going out nights we have ever had. 
Top 5 of the concerts I have ever seen.

We flew by the seat of our pants, charmed the security guard working the parking lot to give us a ride in his $200 hooptie ride, were blessed by the lovely usher at the Ryman to give us 6th row aisle seats together once she figured out our situation,  danced and made friends with everyone around us at the concert and ended up finagling a cab after walking 5 blocks in the rain.

Steve and I had such an awesome, fun, soul recharging night that it is just really  hard to describe. 

The music was perfect and just the right thing to start our new year off together.  We were silly and happy and while I know that will not be the only emotions we will experience in 2013, I hope they are the main themes.
We both agreed it was truly our best year kickoff yet.  Holding hand with my true love, singing, dancing and having fun.
Even when I was walking down the street afterwards, freezing and looking like a drowned rat, I was so giddy and lifted up, it did not really matter.

Happy 2013! Here's to a truly light hearted one!

* Here's a little video from our night...taken by a person a few rows behind us. You can see our heads in the last few seconds.

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  1. I love this!!! You guys rock! That sounds like truly a night to remember!