Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exercise... run like a girl

So, I have not been able  to run much lately as we have had ice and snow on the roads and I HATE treadmills. They are like Chinese water torture to me. So, I have been plodding along on the cross trainer at the gym or our spin bike at home. But, today... I got to run!

My oldest had a swim meet and I sat perfectly still for three hours watching and waiting for what ended up being a combined  time of 2 1/2 minutes of her racing. Good for her, bad for my bee-hind.

I officially start training for a half marathon on February 12th. My sisters and I are committed to walking the half marathon in Nashville in April, but I am training for it as a runner. Both sisters have knee issues and in the off chance that they cannot do it, I am gonna be ready to run.

Running is  a love/hate relationship for me. I know people who cannot stand to NOT run. I am not one of those people. I will do just about anything to get out of running. Need me to cut the dogs nails? Check some homework? Clean the grout? Yep, yep and I am  your girl! But I actually like how I feel when I do it. I like that my back doesn't hurt and my stomach is flatter. I like that I am almost always happier after even a short run. I like that my jeans fit and I can have a glass of wine without worrying about the caloric intake.  I have placed in my age group in  a few races, but I will NEVER be confused with fast. I am  a distance girl. I can go slow for a really long time!

I have had some run ins with various dogs ( they usually follow me home and become my pet-i.e. the one in the photo above) and a few nasty motorists that decided I needed a bath from a foul puddle. But mostly, I see people that I know, and we smile and wave.  Life is good and I try to hold onto that for the next time I think the dogs nails are too long.


  1. "a GLASS of wine"

    don't you mean BOTTLE.

  2. I can talk myself out of exercising so fast it is not even funny. I am like you...after I get started and finish I am always happy that I didn't let the little person in my head win. Nothing like a good run or a great bike ride!