Sunday, January 2, 2011

New me

As someone who is living the 40th year of her life, I have had quite a few NEW years. Some I remember fondly such as the one I spent at around age 15 with people from my church at someone's home playing games until midnight. Others, I would rather forget. I have however, never been a fan of resolutions. I have made them halfheartedly mostly due to peer pressure, but I have never taken them seriously, feeling that those I make on my birthday in September are better thought out and less likely to be made because I over indulged during the holiday season or was too open to suggestion during everyone else's time of reflection.

However, this is the year I turn 40 and while I am not afraid of aging, or even mildly affected by turning a new number, I do see it as a milestone of sorts. A new decade, a new age of  (hopefully) enlightenment, and truly, a time when people notice how old you are. I go. Making "resolutions" and since I want to keep them, I am making them public.

My five things are things I already do or enjoy.
#1 Reading: the food of my soul
#2 Cooking: the food of my life
#3 Exercising: what allows me to enjoy the food that I love!
#4  Dirt: what we all have, want to keep out of sight and need to work on
#5 Whatever: the clutter in my head that fights to come out be it music, paint colors, finding jeans, whatever!

I am giving some thoughts to my resolutions... they are to come.
However, they will, as always incorporate my five things.

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