Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whatever: Being creative

I watch my  kid's lives and they are always creating. Writing songs, drawing, cooking, tying pieces of cloth on their dolls to create outfits, the list goes on. I remember being so creative like that, but at some point, grown up life got in the way and now trying to stay on top of things has taken precedence over creating things.

I have some pretty creative friends that inspire me to be more so myself. My sister makes homemade hot chocolate kits and note cards for Christmas gifts ( I stole the note card idea one year and made some for her).  My best girlfriend makes her own curtains, knits and creates things out of thin air. My b.i.l. is a master craftsman and builds things like forts, bird houses and cradles for his children. One of my most prized possessions is a set of Adirondack chairs that he built for me. Oh, and the puppet theater he built for my kids. Another friend writes music and sings. The list goes on and on. I meet people all the time that are so crafty and I aspire to that as well. But mostly, I get really distracted (short attention span) and ideas get lost. I am adding to my New Year's to do list. Follow through on creativity.
Ideas I want to follow through on this year:
  • mosaic tile my front walk
  • make book page wreaths (have the books already picked out for destruction)
  • learn to crochet and make an afghan ( I really want to make one for each of my kids)
  • make a t-shirt quilt out of all my race tees
  • write a cookbook for my family (family, pretend you didn't see this!)
The list is short, but all are time consuming.

I have struggled since about 6th grade to figure out what my "God given talents" are. That parable in the Bible  really, really bothers me. I think because I feel so much pressure to find it, I am so scattered in my pursuits. Everyone else seems to be able to find theirs. Why can't I? I try everything that comes my way that I find interesting. But I rarely finish anything, wondering if the next thing will be where my talent lies.

With a little reflection and some maturing, I have come to think that it means, whatever you do, do well (and maybe finish it). I also think God gives us these imaginations and skills in order to allow us to find peace. Some draw, some create beautiful works of  poetry, some make curtains.


  1. You sound exactly how I was just last Spring... I was always searching what my talents were? What I was supposed to do... So uncanny, I could have wrote that paragraph...I'm here to tell you, that it's in you, you just have to accept it...

  2. You make spunk, and plenty of it miss thang!

  3. I can help with one of those, the best youtube videos and he has several easy afghan instructionals. get you started, here is the link to his first lesson in crochet (and the first 7 lesson videos teach you everything you need to know)

  4. OH and if you learn to crochet from those videos and finish those afghans, you owe me one of those cookbooks sista!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am trying to get my life back together after back to back Christmas,company, and snow days. After that, I am going to embrace my inner Martha.