Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food of my body... Cookbooks

I love to cook. Anyone that knows me very well knows that I love to cook. I also love to eat, and while I have issues (no red meat, poultry, peas...), I like just about everything. Especially, bread, goat cheese, Mexican food, Thai food, Japanese food,

I also love cookbooks. My favorite ones are pretty disgusting, pages stuck together, encrusted with who knows what, greasy and dog eared. My nastiest is Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book which is my oldest. I buy cookbooks everywhere and I read them like novels. Things that I would never make, much less eat (or drink for that matter) really intrigue me. For instance, my newest cookbook is Nigella Lawson's How To Eat. Nigella for those of you that aren't cookbook junkies, is a lovely British food journalist that is very curvy, very beautiful and very not afraid of food. She has a section titled traditional British Sunday lunch which includes Yorkshire pudding. Now, I would not eat Yorkshire pudding on a bet (actually I wouldn't eat anything on a bet, I don't bet, unless it is on the horses, dogs, or roulette wheel). However, somehow, I read the recipe.  I mean seriously, pudding with beef drippings.Awesome!

The paleo took a brief hiatus (according to my husband, snow days are not paleo days- according to me, snow days require  wine). However, I have been pretty true to it yesterday and today. I made paleo shepherd pie and baked ginger salmon last night. Today, it was gumbo ( no rice and roux) and almonds. So, I am dreaming of a lovely minestrone soup and fresh baked bread or sushi or green curried shrimp or shrimp tacos....maybe I will just read about them.

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