Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting out

Well, as I said before, I am not a "resolution" kind of girl. But, I do like lists. So, I am not going to call them "resolutions" I am going to call them items on a to-do list! 
My husband has us ( mostly him with me complaining and threatening to jump at any given second) on a 28 day Paleo diet trial. I am cranky as can be because I can't have any sugar, grain, beans, flour or the worst part of it 

I am a sugar junkie, cheez-it crack head, chickpea lover. Plus, I like a glass of wine most nights. So, my attitude is a little cranky. 

Here is the start to my "list":

#1 Eat less sugar
#2 Cook a new ethnicity once a week
#3 Paint the doors and trim in my house ( this was on the list last year and got ignored)
#4 Read 100 books ( I used to start this on my birthday and the highest I ever got was 76)
#5 Find inner peace (this might as be the year for it)
#6 Learn 60 Bible verses
#7 Get a new hairstyle ( I already did this!)
#8 Reduce my carbon foot print 
#9 Reduce my spending
#10 love more
#11 Train for a half marathon
#12 learn to swim (again repeat from last  year ).

I am sure I will add to this once I am not such a crank. However, it is a good start. I figure taking my kids to church on Sunday will NOT get me inner peace, but is an exercise in loving more ( and using nice words on the way to church).

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