Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things that are easy and things that are not

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do something that is meaningless?

And how hard it is to do something that actually benefits you or someone else.

I am the queen of best intentions. Actually, I am the queen of  endless laundry. But that is my official title. My unofficial title is QBE.

I make plans every summer with my girlfriends to ride bikes and do lunch and go bowling. Do I do this? mostly no. My intentions are not based in reality. The reality  is that swim team is every morning and I am not done until 10 am when it is 1,000 degrees outside. And my  husband rides in the evening after he has worked himself into a stress ball all day running his own practice. And my kids hate bowling and the vodka tonics are really expensive at the bowling alley. (That actually has never stopped me.) Lunch is great with girlfriends, but all these darn kids we chose to bring into the world sorta wreck our mojo. THEY want food, and money for candy, and to go...right now. (Unless we want to go, then they want to stay. FOREVER.)

These are fun things that I end up blowing off. Can you imagine the hard things like exercise, taking vitamins,weeding my garden or walking the dog? Well, one of my to do list items has fallen into this trap. Learning 60 Bible verses. I have learned And, I sorta knew it already (John 3:16). So, you can see how much progress I have made. However, the reality is I need this. I need to feed my soul, to build my foundation, to give my mind good seeds. (Can you tell I have sat through many, many sermons in my day?).

Now, I used to be a better Bible scholar. I knew the names of the Bible in order AND essentially what each one was about. I competed in not one but TWO Bible Bowls at summer youth meetings ( and placed in one, thank you very much). But for the past 10 years, I have had a very casual relationship with my Bible. We are dating, but not exclusively.

Of course, I think "Oh, my verses" when I am doing leg presses at the gym. Or when I am standing outside waiting for the dog to go potty. Not when I am sitting in front of the t.v. watching Modern Family (best show on television, by the way) or when I am making my daily to do list. This is a hard thing. A focus and shut the rest of the world out thing. A selfless instead of selfish thing.

So, I am putting it out into the universe. As a reminder that I need to do it. That I need to exercise my spirit as well as by body.So, off to learn them. Ask me if  you see me what I have learned. I am starting with "In the beginning..."


  1. 1. A blog post that includes vodka tonics at the bowling alley and not one but TWO Bible Bowls, well played my friend.

    2. It's all about intentions.

    3. Have you ever tried note cards? You could write a good verse down on a note card and take it with you to look at during the day (carpool lines, running, leg lifts).

  2. Can I mention I learned that Bible verse with her? Out of MY bible?