Monday, February 18, 2013

Cooking: A Presidental Menu

President's day and all is right with the world. 
Or at least my household.
Delaney is back from her trip. Ellie is home and I am listening to them make biscuits together in the kitchen. Sigh. I love my kids.

My girls and a friend, just a month ago...they have already changed.

I had a weekend of getting things done. 
Painted Delaney's room and the 187 feet of trim around it.  Ellie and I volunteered at the Chattanooga Food Pantry as part of our Lenten plan to "give back".  They do a great service and I was amazed by what exactly goes on there. There is a lot of dignity preserved in their practices. Eye opening view into the hunger and poverty I rarely see. 

Our whole family went to hear music at our friend's hall and I heard on of my favorites
 and  found a new musician that I may become obsessed with love.  
BJ Hightower and Matt Bohannon, you made my Saturday night.
Thank you Stacey and Ken Crisp for providing a place we can
 take our kids to hear local, live music.
We drove out to see the farm that my parents are in the process of buying. Sunday was a gorgeous day and we tromped around on the 81 acres enjoying being outside. I am so thrilled for them and for me as well. Selfish as it is, I want them near. 
View from their driveway

Last night I watched the end of the 3rd season of Downton Abbey. 
Great show, but this season seemed a little rushed. Julian Fellowes, take a chill pill.

All in all, excellent weekend. My husband burned a fire in our fire pit all weekend, I checked off items off my never ending list, we hung out with my parents and I finally finished a room in my house. Check, check!

(Sports gear up again this week, but today we are off...of school, work and extra curiculars)

Casa Swann Here's to You, Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Washington Menu

  • Beef chili
  • Paleo acorn squash./vegetarian acorn squash
  •  Grilled chicken/ veggies  with  pita and Greek Salad
  • Paleo chicken stew/ butternut squash soup 
  • Tacos

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