Thursday, February 7, 2013

Exercise: My break is almost over

Running became an addiction for me for a few years.
I ran a 5k, then a 15k, a few 10ks and then a marathon.I over trained for the marathon and ended up injured about mile 16 and walked the last 10 with the thought of " It's only 10 more miles." My pre-runner self would have rolled her eyes.

After the marathon, I was really hooked. I started running every race in town, just for the shirt. For awhile, my favorite distance was half marathon. I even ran one with a broken toe in the rain! I ran the Ragnar Relay (twice!) I organized and was race director for a 5k which is still in existence here in Chattanooga. 
Running was my "thing" that I had searched for all my life.
Then, I started having knee problems and dreading having to go run to train for whatever race I had signed up for. Running became a chore.  So, I stopped cold turkey. Not running has been great. My knees don't hurt, I don't feel guilty that I am not running, and I have had the same shoes for a year! 
But, lately, I have started missing it. Maybe just a little. Especially on those days when it is warm and sunny. And when I see blonde women running with cute pink shoes. I feel the siren song. Just a little.

So, I set a date to return to "my thing". March 15th. A Friday, five days before the first day of spring, two days before Saint Patrick's day, two weeks before Good Friday. 
I will put on my new running shoes (I am looking for bright aqua!) and my new running shorts and hit the road. This time, however, I am not doing it for a shirt or a medal. I am doing it to be outside in the warm sunshine and for the love of running and sweating. 


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