Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gratituesday:Confessions of a lousy gardener

So, my  home girl Meg blogged an email that I sent her.
That makes a girl want to be responsible for what she writes. 
I mean, I tell my kids all the time to be careful what they text, Facebook, email because it can be altered and shared. 

Luckily for me, Meg is a good egg and I was on my best behavior.
So, today I am grateful for two things.
#1 Best Behavior 
I am a pretty simple girl. What you see is what you get, warts and all. I have a little bit of a filter, but not really much of one. I hate fake and I loathe having to act that way. Small talk, I am not that great. Telling  a funny story about how I made a fool of myself at the gym, that I have mastered. I give advice freely. I hate being told what to do and rarely listen if I feel you are trying to boss me around. I swear, I snort and am prone to interrupting.  I am judgmental and sometimes crass.

However, when I like you, admire you  or better yet adore you...I am true blue. 

Meg, I think the world of...she is funny, nice, a good friend to her friends and a little bit like me,
 I think. Smallish of filter.I am glad that she liked my advice, and even better that I didn't say anything embarrassing when I replied to her compliment and offer to help MY daughter decorate her room. I get where she comes from all too well, and knew that the offer was sent with love and not with territorial infringement.
 I replied on my best behavior.
#2 Friends
I have not taken very good care of my friend garden for the last few years. I have the same lame excuse that all parents use, I have been busy.  Lame. I also have been a little bit snotty and snappish to two of my truest and most loved friends. Horrible. 
Meg sent me a very sweet email about something else she read on my blog and at the very end of it said " I'd like to hang out with you more." Sock in the gut. 
A hand being offered when I myself have been a terrible friend. I told her God uses her to speak to me fairly often and I hope it did not freak her out. However, it is true. Little niggling reminders of how I should be acting come in various ways, some via Meg and her blog. 
So, I am thankful for all of my friends, especially the ones who offer to hang out with me after years of being a neglectful gardener. 
PS. Meg gets EXTRA points with me because she thinks my kids are cool. They are my garden I have been tending.

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  1. Gulp.

    1. Dang. Should I have asked before I posted your email? I should have. I didn't ask because it was all great and there was nothing to be ashamed of! And, I didn't link to who it was. Dang. I'm sorry.

    2. You are TOTALLY sweet and encouraging. Thank you for your kind words.

    3. You are very busy and I would love to hang out with you, but not in a burdensome way. If all we do is comment on each other's blog and holler at each other as we run by, I'm down with that.

    4. I'm thankful that you are my friend and my neighbor.