Friday, February 15, 2013

Insta-Friday: A week in photos

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Friday, Friday....FRIDAY!

The week has flown by! 
It's amazing how fast days go when you are busy.

My oldest has had quite the week for sure. 
Friday, she went to the Mardi Gras dance at school. Adorable group of super smarties. 
 These are your future senators, scientists and Academy Award winning actors and playwrights. 

The rest of her week consisted of getting ready for and going on her 8th grade trip. That is a shock to the system, for sure. Your baby that only a few short years ago you were still tying her shoes going off on a bus and staying in a hotel without you. For posterity, I took a photo of her still looking like the middle schooler she still is.
While one girl was dancing, the other was partying at a friends house and Steve and I got to double date with my parents. We went to a funky-cool brewery (Shout out to Moccasin Brewing Company) for drinks and then to dinner at Chatto Brasserie  which has become one of mine and Steve's favorite restaurants. We usually sit at the bar and act like we don't  have kids. 

Saturday was a whirlwind of picking  up kids and dropping them somewhere else, only to pick them up again. I got a lot accomplished as I hit the ground running with a delivery at 8 a.m., then groceries, Target, and the first pick up all before 11.  I don't know about you, but grocery shopping makes me feel like my life is one groundhog day after the other. 
 The plan was to drop one kid off at lacrosse practice and then workout myself. Did not happen. Instead, to celebrate Mardi Gras, I made my yearly King Cake from scratch. I left it to rise while I went to Mass, thinking I would be gone an hour tops. Nope! The Bishops Appeal made my cake rise for almost two hours It was a beast! I am only sorry I didn't think to take a picture.Still tasted delicious, just was enormous.

Steve and I got the tour of Ellie's classes on Wednesday morning, meeting all her teachers and seeing her day through her eyes. She loved showing us around, and impressed us with a very straight locker. 

Valentine's Day was the day after Ash Wednesday, which I think is totally unfair. I gave up sweets as a last minute addition to my Lenten sacrifice. My sweet husband bought me a sack full of deliciousness that I cannot eat. However, I did get to share the morning with my baby girl, who  is indeed the most stylish in our house. I wish I had gotten a picture of her cool shoes as well. she was styling for Valentine's day.

Once again we were without kids, so last minute tacos and live music was our Valentine's day. We are not really high pressure Valentine people, choosing instead to celebrate each other every day. You don't get through 18 years of a relationship putting lots of pressure on "special days".  We were lucky enough to hear one of the coolest local musicians (she is one of the only people who makes me miss my twenties)  at one of the most beautiful venues in town, Lindsay Street Hall.  Check her out,  Tiffany Taylor is literally the coolest chick around.

The pets took advantage of the sun the last two days to max and relax, but nothing beats this dog mad skills for getting sunshine and seeing the world. Something about this just cracked me up.

Speaking of mad skills or at least mad...
This weekend is going to be dedicated to projects. Today I am painting Delaney's room and then tomorrow I will paint the baseboards in hers and Ellie's rooms. The daunting task has been psyched up in my mind. I keep telling myself " It will only hurt for a moment, it will only hurt for a moment". I hate painting. 

Hope  your weekend is awesome.


  1. The school my kids go to is having a FIFTH grade trip to DC this year.
    I am so struggling with putting my eleven year old on a bus to go away from me for three days. So, I can totally relate!
    And judging my your daughter's school clothes, I believe you must live near one of my favorite cities.
    I grew up on Lookout Mtn -- not too far away so Chattanooga was 'town' to us. I also went to UTC so I miss that city and love coming home every chance I get! =)