Friday, February 8, 2013


life rearranged

The week started off with a bang. Our oldest daughter celebrated her Rite of Confirmation
I am so proud of her, as it was her personal choice. She has also decided she wants to serve the church by becoming a lector in Mass. Reading in front of the entire congregation will be a good fit for her, I think as she has a BIG voice in a small body. The Bishop gave an excellent homily and was quite the joker when it came to take photos with all the kids. He asked the girl in front of Delaney what she wanted for Christmas! 

My parents and sisters came into town and we had a good, but short visit. 
We got one shot with all of our eyes open. I miss them terribly and wish we all lived in the same town. Running errands with my sisters would be a riot.

 Steve's best friend from college came into town. He's Delaney's godfather and is a great  (if quirky) guy. Steve wanted to show us a "rock" that fell on a trail we hike on sometimes. That is how he described it, a rock.  So my sister Jennifer, Delaney, Steve, Dan and I went for a very quick hike (Jennifer had to catch a plane in Nashville). Karen stayed home with Ellie and I am sure they chatted like magpies the entire time. So freaky how much they are alike.

 Here is the "rock" which actually split in half on the way down and took out about 5 trees and took all the dirt with it. NOT small at all.

 The week was pretty calm for Casa Swann. We took it fairly easy and were home every night except Tuesday by 4pm. Which was refreshing from our usual home by 6ish. The girls are between sports right now, so homework got done early and we all relaxed. 


 I did a lot of piddling with computer things. My partner and I are having our last consignment sale after 10 years of being in business together. I am writing a manual for her to edit, as we are planning on selling the business. Hard to imagine right now.

 My favorite Tervis tumbler got used a lot for hot tea and coffee  because it was cold and damp here most of this week. And this little girl kept me company.  She was all ears for my ideas.

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life rearranged

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