Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gratituesday: Fat Tuesday

I am sure everyone is sick of hearing about Mardi Gras and how much I love it.
Well...today is the last day.

Tomorrow starts Lent and a season of reflection, moderation  and sacrifice. 

TODAY is Fat Tuesday.

I love the name. Shrove Tuesday just doesn't sound the same. Fat Tuesday is the last day of whatever you are giving up for Lent.  The day you wear  your beads and mask.  The day you get serious about Lent and what will be your Lenten promise.

I used to give up french fries as I love them so much

My mom and I were talking about what we were going to do/ give up for Lent. She likes to give things up as that prompts her reflection of Lent and it's meaning. I haven't given anything up for years, but have chosen to do something instead. 

This year, my Lenten promise is to pray the rosary with my kids on the way to school once a week.  This is not a huge thing, but I feel that it will benefit my kids as much as it benefits me. Praying together is a way to share our faith and make them comfortable, hopefully sharing with others.

So, today I am grateful for Mardi Gras day 2013. 
Now to go find some fries....


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